Tutorial: Make A Doggie Day Bed

Turned out great, Auggie loves it! And its really easy to change it up by simply creating new walls with different fabric and using a different-colored pillow for base. Easy-peasy!

Step One: Select a foundation

I located this wood crate at Target that would fit Auggie, our Chihuahua-Terrier Mix, perfectly.

Step Two: Customize the foundation

I wanted to take away the first two wood slats so Auggie could walk right into the bed so I sawed them off.

Step Three: Prepping the foundation

Before I painted the foundation for the dog bed I went around and sanded all the cut edges smooth with my circle-sander.

Step Four: Paint

I had this leftover Martha Stewart paint from a statement wall I painted in our entry way so I used it for the bed…love this color!

Step Five: Create interior walls

I took thick corrugated cardboard and using my utility blade, cut it down to fit the back wall and the two sidewalls. Next, for the fabric and cushioning, I disassembled 3 of 4 old pillows, leaving one aside for the base cushion. Trim the fabric slightly larger than the walls you cut, trim all the corners on an angle, apply spray adhesive and wrap each wall, leaving the top open so you stuff some of the pillow stuffing inside to cushion the walls. Seal tops closed with spray adhesive.

Step Six: Install walls and bed cushion

Apply spray adhesive to each wall backside and firmly press into place. Next place the pillow you set aside and place an edge toward the front of bed, then fold back edge of pillow into the back of bed. (This works best if the pillow used is slightly bigger than bed base so it fits in nice and snug.)

Final Step: Add finishing touches

I used one of the boards I cut off the wood crate to make a personalized sign with Auggie’s name out of leather letters I had. I adhered the sign to front with wood glue. Then for just a little something extra, I took matching twine and made the bow-ties on each of the back corners.

Don’t wanna make it yourself? No worries, contact Deej and he’ll make it for you 🙂