Make Irish Leprechaun Hats from K-Cups!

Fun, Functional and Eco-friendly!

Irish Leprechaun Hats Made From Recycled K-Cups by DEEJ DOESI love my coffee….I use about 7 to 10 K-cups a week. I wanted to figure out a way to repurpose used K-cups instead of just throwing them away. (Wasteful!) So when one fell onto the kitchen floor and landed upside-down, I noticed it look like a hat. Then inspiration hit: make hats for beer bottles to use like wine charms! Whenever you’re out for St Paddys Day or really any party or festival where everyone is drinking the same thing, its a festive way to keep your beer identified and keep you from drinking someone else’s beer.

This is a super-easy craft that’s not only fun, its functional (And environmentally sound because of less waste going into landfills).

Keurig alone sold more than 9 billion K-Cups in 2014. Unfortunately the plastic portion of K-cups are not recyclable and this super-strong plastic takes decades to decompose so try to keep your K-cups for not only this project but for any other ideas you may have to use these K-cups after you’ve enjoyed your coffee. The balance of the used K-cups (aluminum lid, coffee grounds and paper filter) can be recycled or composted.

Here’s how to make the leprechaun hats:

Remove the aluminum cover be peeling or cutting off with an exacto knife. Put aluminum cover into your recycle bin.
Dump out the coffee grounds and remove the paper filter. (I save both and place in can with a lid….as this makes for a great compost base for upcoming garden season.)

Wash K-cups clean and then dry.

Paint the K-cups how you like. For this project I paint K-cups in a black primer, let dry then apply painter’s tap around base to form the hat strap. Paint the hat in green (two coats, allow to dry after each coat) and then remove the painter’s tape. Paint on buckle in gold. Adorn each to personalize for each person. Some ideas: Use different color stones, stickers, numbers, or names. Done!