Understanding The Importance of Notes in Candle Scents

Understanding The Importance
of Notes in Candle Scents

There are three note scales that when blended together create the candle’s fragrance. Each of these levels has its own beneficial purpose.

Top Note

Also sometimes referred to as the opening note, the top notes of a scent are generally the lightest of all the notes. They are recognized immediately upon smelling of the candle. The top notes are also the first to fade because of their light structure, but this does not mean they aren’t of utmost importance.

The top notes of a fragrance represent the first impression.  It is beneficial that the top notes not only lure you in, but also smoothly transition into the heart of the fragrance.

Middle Note

The middle notes, or the heart notes, are noticeable once the top notes evaporate. The middle notes are considered the heart of the fragrance. They last longer than the top notes and have a strong influence on the base notes to come. A perfume’s heart is generally pleasant and well-rounded.

Base Note
The base notes are the final fragrance notes that appear once the top notes are completely evaporated. The base notes mingle with the heart notes to create the full body of the fragrance, but are typically associated with the dry-down period. The job of the base notes is to provide the lasting impression. These often rich notes linger in the air after the top notes have dissipated.

Without the combination of the three levels of notes, a fragrance just wouldn’t be aromatically appealing. When blended together they make a soy candle’s fragrance lasting and appealing.

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