DEEJ DOES…Now An Authorized Handmade at Amazon Seller

Deej Does Authorized Seller at Handmade at Amazon

Exciting!!! So I was selected by the Handmade at Amazon team to join the new handmade seller community. This by-invitation-only opportunity gives the DEEJ DOES brand additional exposure and I was honored to receive the invitation.

I’d like to thank my (current and future) customers for their support. I envision many projects I want to share with the DEEJ DOES community and amazing handmade products I want to bring to the marketplace. Its an honor to imagine my creations are in your home, or in the home of people you love…truly awesome. Again, thank you!

Feel free to shop here on my site or at my new amazon store. And if you do purchase my products on the Amazon site please rate the products as it helps my products being found.

(Tip: If you’re buying several items at once, best to purchase here on the DEEJ DOES site as the shipping cost will be less.)