Tutorial: Make A Doggie Bed

Auggie’s Doggie Day Bed

He loves it! Make one for your pooch. Tutorial here.

Center of Attention Lighted Wine Carafe

Center of Attention Lighted Wine Carafe by Deej Does

I love glitz, wine and lights….hmmm, how can I bring these all together in one? This image leapt into my head and I was a mission to create. After some brainstorming, 48 hours (108 hours in total including curing) later it became a reality. I wanted to create something that would make nice centerpiece/focal point yet still be functional as a carafe. The bonus of adding in the dial-controlled lights was the icing on the Layer Cake (our favorite shiraz).

Keepsake Wedding Box & Personalized Photo Album

Keepsake Wedding Box and Personalized Photo Album image