Make These Upcycled Cork Wine Charms

DEEJ DOES Upcycled Cork Wine Charms

Turn T-Shirt Into A Cool Pillow

Tutorial - Turn A T-Shirt Into A Cool Pillow by Deej Does

Decorative Wine Bottle Soy Candles w/Snuffer

Decoratve Wine Bottle Soy Candles wth Snuffer by Deej Does

These beautiful wine bottle soy candles make a great decoration when not in use and of course, lood and smell great when burning. When you’re ready to extinguish flame, you can either blow it out (boring) or replace the top of wine bottle to snuff the flame out (cool!).

Upcycled Bedroom Furniture

Upcycled Dresser by Deej Does

Had some old furniture I decided to refurbish and upcycled into some cool bedroom furniture pieces. Sanded dresser to uniform finish and applied a Expresso Brown wood stain, then added this beautiful European contact paper I found online to the drawer fronts. Painted two side tables and a old kitchen stand (which has become a tv remote and cable box stand). For the dresser, two side tables and tv remote stand I was able to complete this project for about $40. (I already had contact paper on hand so that’s not included in cost).

Marge Simpson Wine Bottle

Marge Simpson Wine Bottle art by Deej Does

You can just hear her say “Ohhh, Homie”. Made from a wine bottle (body), liquor bottle (head), clay (face), and yarn (hair). Hand-painted from top to bottom. This one-of-a-kind art piece great addition for a bar decor, wine aficionados or of course, Simpson fans.
Stands 15″ tall.

Decorative Halloween Witch & Mummy Bottles

Classic costumes re-imagined into bottle art decorations!

Hanging Wine Bottle Tea Light Holders

These look great by day when catching the sun and equally great in the evening with the tea lights lit. Love how these turned out. Couldn’t find the hardware I wanted so I had to reshape the metal rods as well as paint it black to get them just right.

Decorative Fall Potpourri Display

Perfect trash-to-treasure project. Starting with an rusty rake, empty bottle and discarded stainless steel bowl I made this awesome display. I scrubbed the rust off the rake with a wire brush, sawed off the wood handle and painted it with a bronze hammered finish paint. Glued twine around handle and finished it off with some decorative corn. I cleaned the bowl with stainless steel polish and then to bring more interest I glued sisal around the rim and filled with colorful fall potpourri. For the bottle, I cut it in half, filled it with the remaining fall potpourri, resealed it back together and finished it off with raffia ribbon.

Turned out beautifully and is a welcoming and fragrant display by the front door.

Center of Attention Lighted Wine Carafe

Center of Attention Lighted Wine Carafe by Deej Does

I love glitz, wine and lights….hmmm, how can I bring these all together in one? This image leapt into my head and I was a mission to create. After some brainstorming, 48 hours (108 hours in total including curing) later it became a reality. I wanted to create something that would make nice centerpiece/focal point yet still be functional as a carafe. The bonus of adding in the dial-controlled lights was the icing on the Layer Cake (our favorite shiraz).