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Living Well Mind and Body

When you take steps to care for your mind and body, you’ll be better equipped to live your best life.

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Are You A Living Well Person?

Are You A Living Well Person?

There Are Three Types of People

I’ve noticed and believe there are three types of people in the world:
Existing | Living | Living Well

Existing people are those float through life, unambitious, not living a life of purpose, perpetually unhappy, chronic depression, unattended hurt.

Living people are those out there trying, determined on finding their inner peace and happiness, self-care is something done on special occasion only (i.e., massage on birthday)

Living well people realize happiness is the journey not a destination; self-care is as commonplace as breathing; life is lived with celebration, gratitude, purpose and joy. These people use their good china and wine glasses on a Tuesday, because why wait until Christmas when you can enjoy it today.

Deej’s Six Points of Living Well

What is living well? First thought is being financially-well off. But no. Living well, to me anyway, is practicing joyfulness, being grateful, practicing self-care, putting good in the world, living each day stylishly and ignoring the naysayers.

Practicing Joyfulness – Smile, wave or speak to people you dont know, compliment anyone, realize happiness is a journey not a destination
Being Grateful – Thank the universe and higher power for what you have, no matter how little
Practicing Self-care – Eat well, exercise, mental health, affirmations, meditation, prayer, learning or trying new things
Putting Good in the World – Abandon harsh chemicals and words, be a positive light in the lives of those around you
Living Each Day Stylishly – Light candles, use your good dishes, make an effort with your appearance, make someday today
Ignore the Naysayers – Reject your ego, stop listening to those who dont want the best for you. For that alone, they dont matter or provide value to you.