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Living Well Mind and Body

When you take steps to care for your mind and body, you’ll be better equipped to live your best life.

Reclaiming Yourself, For Good

Are You A Living Well Person?

Are You A Living Well Person?

There Are Three Types of People

I’ve noticed and believe there are three types of people in the world:
Existing | Living | Living Well

Existing people are those float through life, unambitious, not living a life of purpose, perpetually unhappy, chronic depression, unattended hurt.

Living people are those out there trying, determined on finding their inner peace and happiness, self-care is something done on special occasion only (i.e., massage on birthday)

Living well people realize happiness is the journey not a destination; self-care is as commonplace as breathing; life is lived with celebration, gratitude, purpose and joy. These people use their good china and wine glasses on a Tuesday, because why wait until Christmas when you can enjoy it today.

Deej’s Six Points of Living Well

What is living well? First thought is being financially-well off. But no. Living well, to me anyway, is practicing joyfulness, being grateful, practicing self-care, putting good in the world, living each day stylishly and ignoring the naysayers.

Practicing Joyfulness – Smile, wave or speak to people you dont know, compliment anyone, realize happiness is a journey not a destination
Being Grateful – Thank the universe and higher power for what you have, no matter how little
Practicing Self-care – Eat well, exercise, mental health, affirmations, meditation, prayer, learning or trying new things
Putting Good in the World – Abandon harsh chemicals and words, be a positive light in the lives of those around you
Living Each Day Stylishly – Light candles, use your good dishes, make an effort with your appearance, make someday today
Ignore the Naysayers – Reject your ego, stop listening to those who dont want the best for you. For that alone, they dont matter or provide value to you.