Practice Meditation

Get Meditated, Not Medicated!

Meditation is to get centered, focus your breathing and blocking out life’s distractions.

The purpose of meditation is to get centered, focusing on your breathing and blocking out all external noises. Research has shown that slowing down and deepening breath can have real effects on well being, including controlling blood pressure and improving heart rate.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5-10 minutes
  • Uninterrupted and alone
  • Space..doesn’t necessary need to be quiet

How to Meditate:

Sit in comfortable chair, or if advanced, position yourself into Lotus pose, the classic yoga pose. If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed then place palms face down on knees, as this helps you become grounded. Feeling sluggish or in a negative mood and want to receive positive energy? Then place your palms face up as this puts you in receptive mode to receive positive energy and vibration.

What you want to focus on becomes your breathing mantra. Inhale a mantra, hold a few seconds then exhale a mantra. For instance this morning I inhaled while thinking “wellness” and I exhaled “happiness”.

You can also use this mantra breathing method to inhale on what you want (“wellness”) and exhale what you want dont want, for instance “illness”.

Practice mindfulness through meditation daily to enhance your health and live well.

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