A New Look, Brand and Mission

DEEJ DOES is all about helping and inspiring people to live well!

You just never know how the Universe is going to shape your destiny. I was prepared to fold my DEEJ DOES business earlier this summer. I was already dealing with a multitude of life issues when my website encountered some issues and was displaying incorrectly. Simply put, I was over it….didn’t want to deal with it. So I didn’t. FOR MONTHS. Problems in life didn’t subside, they increased. I let things around the house go unaddressed and projects piled up. Self-care was non-existent. The final straw was when I received a picture of me attending my nephew and his girlfriend’s baby shower. I was fat and looked terrible. I was miserable, life was difficult and I had to make some major changes.

I started KETO which I had been considering for over a year. The grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking had jump-started and improved my mental state whereas the diet and exercise made the pounds just drop off. I was feeling better and motivated to get things back in order. One of which was my website and business. I started rebuilding my site but something felt off…like I’m not going in the right direction. Meanwhile I had been posting my recipes online and people really responded. Soon I was receiving messages and comments that I should start a recipe blog or cookbook. Friends and neighbors started commenting on my weight loss and saying how it was motivating them to get healthier. I was ecstatic…this was my happy place: inspiring others with my own life goals. This is when I decided to change my business model and mission. Goodbye D-I-Y and hello living well!

My mission became to spread the idea of living well. Just living isnt enough. We all need to empower our lives with self-care and self-improvement. So work out the body, work on the mind and style the home because its all about LIVING WELL | Mind, Body and Home!